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2022 Roger Humbert /


Every now and then, I actually leave my home or the nest I've made at Canterbury and venture out to perform live or give interviews. It doesn't happen too often, but this is a good place to say thanks for all of the shout-outs and press I've gotten and (hopefully) may get for this release. So, without further ado, here are some past interviews you may not have seen, and some things I've been working on..

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What I've been up to...

My favourite view from
The Drake. I always stay here. It just feels like home.


At South Coast Jazz 2023

Writing an album
with Jason Fowler. It can be hard to give up the complete image you have of a song, in order to make room for another writer to contribute fairly. It's kind of like hogging all of the good colours when I used to colour with my sisters. I had to learn how to 'share the crayons', to really write with someone. He was very patient!

Drew Jurecka joined one of our writing sessions for an amazing 'demo' that we're probably going to keep!

And I did some more writing
with Nathan Hiltz.
I love how transcended he is by the music!

SO much editing!
This is Julian, Canterbury's engineer. Just noodling as we were taking a little break.


And, I've been working with Melanie, to strengthen my voice and open up my upper register. She's not only a vocal teacher; she's a veritable cheerleader, too!



Thank you, for the articles & Spins!

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