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An early post from 2020

Feb 09, 2020 How many hours have I spent listening to Sean bring my music to life?

This blog post is from March 31, 2020, just two weeks after losing Sean.

I've been thinking a lot lately, about distance. Me, at my house; the ones I love at theirs. There are friends and family we don't see for months or years at a time, and somehow, we pick up exactly where we left off, as if no time has passed at all. We connect by phone and text, and while I know this isolation won't last forever, it is hard. It's hard today because I came across this song, written for a far-away friend. It's hard, because the person I depended on to make music like this very song is not coming back. I made all of my music with him, and this virus has taken that kinship from me. There are those around us who are facing the same thing I am, and far worse. The loss of a friend or loved one is never easy. The loss of a life is not only the life of the one who left, but those left behind. But, as I listened to Sean's beautiful guitar, I could almost hear him, as if he were in my headphones. "Come on, Muller! Get it together!" He had this funny, voice-of-god routine he'd do into my headphones on high reverb. "Oooooh Myyyyyy Goddddd". I'd crack up every time. Even writing this today, I can't help but smile. As I listened to the song's message in my own words, I realized that life will go on. We'll be okay, even through grief and anger and tears. A ridiculous meme or stupid joke will pierce through this shroud of sadness and suddenly, the sky will seem a little brighter; the world, a little kinder. And those we've lost will always be with us. We will share them with the world by telling of how brilliant they were; how kind and funny. How talented. There are some distances that will never be too far. I will always think of him when I hear a beautiful guitar or feel a song come into my heart. He'll be the first one I take it to.

Sean Cunnington was talented, brilliant, funny and kind. He left this earth far too soon. I missed his tribute online, but felt I needed to say more about him, and what he meant to me. I will always be thankful for the work we did together, even if it's just for me, here alone in my room.

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